Yoga Teachers Rock

Take care of your shit. It seems so simple. Mind your own business. Engage in self-care. Exercise. Sleep. Eat right.

But so few of us do this.

Last night, I went out with all the women I teach with at Lifetime. As we laughed hysterically and told dirty jokes and ate great food and drank good wine, we also realized something amazing: We all prioritize self care. Whether we are mothers or work full time (and also teach) or have pets and lovers and boyfriends and girlfriends, we all prioritize ourselves.

Radical, I know.

Now, of course, we are a self-selecting crew. Obviously a group of women committed to empowering other women and growing and helping others grow is going to prioritize these things. But the truth is, it’s radical. For a woman to say she prioritizes her own health and happiness above those of others (or just puts her needs first) goes against so much of what we are taught as women.

By all mean, let’s give. Let’s share. Let’s offer ourselves to one another to ease the burden. But let’s also recognize that empowered women empower women. Full stop. If you aren’t filling your cup, you have nothing to give, period.

My goal is to release the stigma on self-care first (so often called “selfish”) and to help other women realize their full potential. Only when we are fully invested in ourselves and our power can we help anyone else be their best.

Until then, we will all come from broken, sad places of neglect and envy. Let’s be better than that. Do something for yourself this week. A challenge. Make it happen. Love these women:

IMG_1412 (1)

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